Definitions for "Ali"
One of the Prophet's first followers
person - (d. 661) Successor to Othman as Caliph. The Shi'a believe that Ali, not Abu Bakr, was the rightful successor to Muhammad as leader of the Islamic community.
Acronym]. American Law Institute. See also the ALI website.
Automatic Location Identification. The automatic display of a subscriberâ€(tm)s telephone number, service address, position and supplementary information at a public safety answering point.
(AUTOMATIC LOCATION IDENTIFICATION): A system capability that enables an automatic display of information defining a geographical location (e.g., a street address) of the telephone used to place the 9-1-1 call; this feature is available in Enhanced 9-1-1 systems.
A procedure for identifying the physical location from which an incoming call is made. Incoming calls are identified by the ANI number that is sent along the phone line, and this phone number is used to look up the address and other information provided to ALI database services by the phone companies. Usually used by, and restricted to, 911 services and other public safety agencies.
Asociaci n Leonciopradina Internacional
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Ali is a simple to use C API to parse XML data. It's scanf like approach is much easier than using SAX or DOM. A tutorial, complete reference documentation, and code examples are all available.
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Advanced Land Imager (É.-U.)
Advanced Land Imager (USA)
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Acute Lung Injury
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Adult Learning Inspectorate
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ATM line interface. Interface between ATM and 3G systems. See also ATM.
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Annual limit of intake
Additional Liability Insurance