Definitions for "Alertness"
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sampajanna letting go - vossagga
The quality of being alert or on the alert; briskness; nimbleness; activity.
A mental factor that is a type of wisdom that examines our activity of body, speech, and mind and knows whether or not faults are developing. See Understanding the Mind.
a state of readiness to respond; "alerting was indicated by the desynchronization of the EEG"
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Heterogeneity Protocol
The ability to take advantage of the opponent's inaccuracies while playing accurately yourself.
lively attentiveness
Measures training in paying attention to your character's surroundings. While this does not indicate a high perception, it allows the user to use what perception he has to notice subtle, potentially dangerous differences.
Alertness is the the process of paying close and continuous attention.
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Heart Promoter