Definitions for "ALD"
Anoxic Limestone Drain. A deep trench, filled with limestone. The trench is covered with a clay cap to prevent the entrance of oxygen, hence the term "anoxic." seepage enters through one wall of the trench and passes out the other. During the time the water is in the trench it acquires alkalinity from the dissolving limestone. This alkalinity permits metal precipitation at a later stage. An ALD may be used in the treatment sequence for TP1/TP2.
Anoxic Limestone Drain. a buried bed of limestone constructed to intercept subsurface mine water flows and prevent contact with atmospheric oxygen. Keeping oxygen out of the water prevents oxidation of metals and armoring of the limestone.
anoxic limestone draine. An anoxic limestone drain (ALD) is a buried bed of limestone constructed to intercept subsurface mine water flows. ALD's are used to prevent contact with atmospheric oxygen and retain carbon dioxide, which in turn, generates more alkalinity. Sediment ponds are constructed after an ALD to accumulate the iron oxide precipitates.
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Fatal genetic disease, causing degeneration of the nervous system.
Alcoholic liver disease.
dreno euko ystrophy - A genetic, X-linked condition in which the body over-produces very long-chain saturated fatty acids (20- to 28-carbon chains) that destroy the myelin which is the insulation of nerves in the central nervous system. The disease is usually fatal in childhood, but its effects can be slowed down with a mixture of 20% erucic acid and 80% oleic acid (Lorenzos oil).
Assistive Listening Device for personal use.
Assistive Listening Device. Technical tool to assist hard of hearing people, with or without a hearing aid. It brings the speakers voice directly to the ear. Helps to overcome the problems of distance and surrounding noise.
Assistive listening device. A large variety of devices designed to improve the ability of a person to hear in specific listening situations.
Refers to the tendency of ald (frequent agd contributor to): 1. Reply to threads months after they originally appear. 2. Change the topic of threads as desired. 3. Be months behind in reading threads. 4. Lag behind the other players in multiplayer games.
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Air-launched decoy
Average Least Dimension. The average height of the aggregate particles when they are spread as a single layer with their least dimensions vertical
Atomic Layer Deposition. A specialized CVD process required for sub 100nm deposition.
see Atomic Layer Deposition.
Adults with Learning Difficulties