Definitions for "Alcoholic"
Person who is addicted to alcohol. See Alcoholism
One whose continued or excessive drinking results in impairment of personal health, disruption of family and social relationships, and loss of economic security.
a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually
Term used to describe a wine that finishes with an unpleasant hotness due to excessive alcohol.
Sharp alcohol note associated with beer containing high alcohol levels, i.e. Barley Wine.
Used to describe a wine that has too much alcohol for its body and weight, making it unbalanced. A wine with too much alcohol will taste uncharacteristically heavy or hot as a result. This quality is noticeable in aroma and aftertaste.
A person given to the use of alcoholic liquors.
an egoistic person who is likely to deny any kind of authoritative advice
a person in your neighborhood, In your neighborhood, he's in your neighborhood
an excessive drinker who has become so physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol that he manifests mental disturbance, physical deterioration, and the inability to function adequately in society
a person with the disease of alcoholism regardless of whether he is initially a heavy drinker, a problem drinker, or a light or moderate drinker
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a drunk, souse, toper, tippler, soak, lush
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a fellow who is 'trying to get his religion out of a bottle,' when what he really wants is unity within himself, unity with God
a woman who spends all day in bed with a bottle, who has spare mickeys of gin hidden in the breadbox
Of or pertaining to alcohol, or partaking of its qualities; derived from, or caused by, alcohol; containing alcohol; as, alcoholic mixtures; alcoholic gastritis; alcoholic odor.
a victim of social circumstance and genetic destiny
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a classic example of one snared and held in one of his traps
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The spouse of an alcoholic.
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a big part of what I am
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one affected with alcoholism