Definitions for "Alcohol-related Problems"
Relationship to Zinc Requirement" Zinc deficiency is frequently associated with alcoholism, due to a lower intake of food..." Recommendation Test Zinc Levels"It is clear that brain zinc content changes during disease states and that brain zinc deficiency is possibly dynamically related to alcoholism..."
Relationship to Insomnia"Depletion of tryptophan as a result of heavy drinking explains why alcoholics suffer from insomnia..."
Relationship to Esophageal Cancer"If you are a smoker then heavy alcohol consumption can increase risk of esophageal cancer by 25% to 50%..."
Our Question about your HDL cholesterol level"Elevated levels of HDL cholesterol are generally considered to have a protective effect against cardiovascular disease..."
Our Question about short-term memory failure"Alcoholics as well as the elderly suffer gradual loss of acetylcholine, a vital neurotransmitter..."