Definitions for "Alaska"
Child Support Enforcement Division 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 310 Anchorage, AK 99501-6699(907) 269-6900 FAX: (907) 269-6813 1-800-478-3300
GreenPeace Alaska P.O. Box 104432 Anchorage, AK 99510 ph:(907)277-8234 fx:(907)272-6519
Office of Teacher Education and Certification 801 West 10th Street, Suite 200 Juneau, AK 99801-1894 907-465-2831- Office 907-465-2441 – Fax
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Native: Includes written responses of Eskimos, Aleuts, and Alaska Indians as well as entries such as Arctic Slope, Inupiat, Yupik, Alutiiq, Egegik, and Pribilovian. The Alaska tribes are the Alaskan Athabaskan, Tlingit, and Haida.
Bering Land Bridge Kobuk Valley Denali Lake Clark Gates of the Arctic Noatak Glacier Bay Wrangell-St. Elias Katmai Yukon-Charley Rivers Kenai Fjords
Alaska is a 1996 film directed by Fraser Clarke Heston starring Charlton Heston (as Colin Perry), Thora Birch (as Jessie Barnes), Vincent Kartheiser (as Sean Barnes) and Dirk Benedict (as Jake Barnes).
Alaska is an album by the progressive rock band Alaska. It was released on February 1, 1998 on CD Baby. The band members are Al Lewis (vocals and drums) and John O'Hara (keyboards).
Alaska is the third album by Between the Buried and Me.
Alaska, lýsing á landi og lands-kostum, ásamt skýrslu innar íslenzku sendinefndar : um stofnun íslenzkrar nýlendu is a pamphlet by Jón Ólafsson detailing Alaska and the possibility of founding an Icelandic colony there. Included in the pamphlet is the report of the Icelandic delegation. It was published in 1875 in Washington and re-published on February 26th 2005 by Project Gutenberg.
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a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States"
A single adult, a husband and wife together, or the unmarried father or mother of the child can adopt. Married persons can adopt without their spouse's consent if the spouse wanting to adopt is a stepparent, or they are legally separated, or if failure of the other spouse to join the adoption is excused by the court.
Alaska (IPA: ) is a state of the United States of America. Alaska is located in the extreme northwest portion of North America. It is by far the largest U.S. state in area.
Mammuthus primigenius Wooly Mammoth; Pleistocene
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Yes 1994 Flexible 907-465-2530$250.00 $200
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Georgia Maine Nevada Oklahoma Utah
AK 02 Nevada NV 32
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Statewide All$473$531$22$20$4,155
25 Alaska Stat. J 09.68.115 (2002)
Alaska requires the Pledge to be recited regularly in all public schools. However, both students and teachers have the right not to participate in the Pledge, and each school district must inform its students and employees of this right. Alaska Stat. §14.03.130 (2005).
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Julie B. Drake Steve K. Lloyd Co-Owners Title Wave Books
In 1993, the legislature of the state of Alaska created the Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA) to provide health insurance to high risk individuals who are unable to find or who are denied health insurance coverage in the private market because of medical condition and to those individuals who have had prior health insurance coverage and meet the federal rules for eligibility. The premium cap for the program is 150 percent. The program is financed through subscribers' premiums and assessments on insurers. At the end of 2004, 480 persons were enrolled in the program.
H.B. 114 Allows for the collection of data from health care records. S.B. 13 Increases the excise tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products.
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Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
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Louisiana Ohio
a trailblazer in hiring from this traditionally underrepresented group
Alaska is a historical novel by James A. Michener. Like other Michener titles, Alaska spans a considerable amount of time.
Residential Energy Code: State developed code that meets or exceeds 92 MEC, mandatory for state funded residential construction. State funding is common in Alaska. Commercial Energy Code: None Changes to improve Alaska's current residential energy code are currently under review by a Technical Advisory Group. CODE CHANGES WERE PRESENTED LAST MONTH AT AN ENERGY CONFERENCE. Air tightness and ventilation requirements are the most critical issues. Once changes are approved by the Technical Advisory Group, public hearings will take place this Summer, secondary review by the Technical Advisory Group will be this Fall, and the implementation date is expected to be 1-1-98. The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation will implement code changes when they are finalized. Home builders are concerned about the proposed changes.
9/11/94 Four-wheel vehicles normally used for personal, family or household purposes, requiring registration. Excluding tractors, farm vehicles, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles. 3 repair attempts - 30 business days out of service Express warranty period or 1 year, whichever occurs first.
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Jade Gold
First Case: DNA evidence accepted in criminal trial in Kodiak, 1990. Data Bank established:no Legislated Admissibility passed: no
The Public Utility Commission was replaced with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska and a 5-member commission panel. In a study commissioned by the Joint Committee on Electric Utility Restructuring, consultants recommended postponing any pilot-programs before regulatory reform. The final report recommended to begin a specific set of market informed regulatory reforms, and minimization of stranded-cost among other detailed strategies.
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Winter Weather Awareness Week Oct 1-7
The longest coastline in the U.S., 6,640 miles, greater than that of all other states combined
Alaska Business License No. 297031.
Alaska Business License No. 296271
Business License Number 715568 Department of Community and Economic Development
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a state in the northern USA
a service organization and recognized industry leader in the distribution and sales of automotive replacement parts and supplies
Authorized Mortgage Banker and Broker
Does not regulate the mortgage lending or brokering industries
(AK)$1,000$25,000 10.25% the lesser of 5.00% of the unpaid installment amount, or $15
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Refers to holding K-3 as hole cards. This term is also commonly known as King Crab.
14 days if the tenant gives proper notice to terminate tenancy; 30 days if the tenant does not give proper notice
Insurance Required: Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Minimum Liability Limits: 50/100/25
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Alaska Cooperative Extension
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Alaska Bar Association
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No current entries
Water and Environmental Research Center
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24 hours
Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development 290641
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Deed of Trust
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No State Sales Tax
ak st s 08.68.410