Definitions for "AIS"
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Alarm indication signal; a signal transmitted in lieu of the normal signal to maintain transmission continuity, and indicates to the receiving terminal that there is a transmission fault located upstream or at the transmitting terminal
See Alarm Indication Signal
Alarm Indication Signal. An unframed All Ones signal that replaces the normal traffic signal when a maintenance alarm indication has been activated. Also called a blue alarm.
utomated nformation ystem - A combination of computer hardware and software, data, and communications that perform functions for an organisation.
ddress nformation ystems - Also known as Address Management; an organizational unit that provides USPS policy and systems on address list serviced, address correction, forwarding, and other ancillary services.
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Adenocarcinoma in situ
Argentina's intelligence agency.
Army Intelligence and Security (branch)
Artificial Intelligences; great supercomputers.
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One of the OAM function types used for fault management (see also CC, RDI).
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Set of disorders of sexual differentiation resulting from mutations of the gene encoding the androgen receptor
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Acute Ischemic Stroke
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All-sky Imaging Survey [EXPTIME=100 s
Airborne Imaging Spectrometer (see Table 2).
Adaptive Instructional Software. 1] - Software that self-adapts in real-time to the data available. The software continuously analyzes individual student's responses, and adjusts (guides) the instructional process accordingly. Adaptive Networks (AN) or Neural Networks (NN) are new technologies that may be able to accomplish this in practice.
(go to top) Alternative Investment Strategy.
Alternative investment strategies. Portfolio management strategies that invest in alternative asset classes.
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American Iris Society. For further details, see BIS.
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Australian Institute of Sport
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Abbreviated Injury Scale