Definitions for "Air Freight Forwarder"
Non-asset-based firm whose primary advantage is cost. Negotiate low rates with the airlines and resell in small quantities to the shippers.
An Air Freight forwarder provides pickup and delivery service to and from the shippers dock. Responsibilities also include consolidating shipments from various shippers into larger units, preparing shipping documentation and tendering freight to the airlines. Forwarders do not generally operate their own aircraft and may be classified as an "indirect air carrier".
A Service organization which serves the dual role of air carrier (usually indirect) and shipper. To the shipper the air freight forwarder is an indirect air carrier because it receives freight under its own tariff, yet does not actually operate the airplanes. The air freight forwarder provides pick-up and delivery service to and from the shippers dock, consolidates shipments into larger units, prepares shipping documentation and tenders shipments to the airlines. To the airlines, the air freight forwarder is a shipper. Ordinarily an air freight forwarder is classed as an indirect air carrier, however, some air freight forwarders operate their own aircraft.