Definitions for "AIR CONDITIONER"
A device used to control temperature and humidity of the air.
A mechanical device that will control the temperature, humidity and circulation of air.
a mechanical device that transfers heat from inside your home to the outside air
a chiller unit through which air is cooled and then circulated in a room or building
a device which cools the indoor air by removing
a refrigerator whose inside is the room to be cooled and whose outside is the great outdoors
a large load for all but the biggest portable generators
term used to describe a packaged (complete) air conditioning unit in one box, as in mobile, portable, window, console or rooftop
a must for that busy executive who is going to be rushing to and from meetings all day in a suite, where as for a holiday a certain amount of seats for a family is a must as well as a large sized boot to fit surfboards in
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See a demonstration of this system in our Interactive Car.
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