Definitions for "AIMS"
Academic Institution Management System for Philippine Schools
Audit and Integration of Management Systems - the project at UCT for which this is the website.
Apprenticeship Information Management System
Overarching general statements relating to the learning to be achieved by students on a programme.
Aims, objectives and purposes are often used interchangeably to mean desired outcomes from educational or learning activities. The UK Education Departments have produced a set of objectives for HE: imparting employment skills; providing opportunities for adult lifetime learning to enable individuals, employers and the nation as a whole to adapt to changing circumstances; promoting the general powers of the mind; advancing learning and research; promoting culture and high standards in all aspects of society; serving local and regional communities, as well as national interests at home and abroad. See also Learning outcomes
the main purpose for which a school exists. Aims provide the general direction for a school's activities. They are not necessarily quantifiable. They are a broad statement of values and intent. They are achieved by being converted into more specific objectives and targets.
The objectives of this unit are to acquaint the students with important infecĀ­tions agents, their sources and how these may spread in the environment and how infections can be prevented or controlled. It will cover a spectrum of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections and include their environmental sources.
Alliance of Independent Media Stores. A national coalition of independent record stores.
Auto Indexing Mass Storage. A specification which is a standard card interface for storing large data.
Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales
Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale - an assessment tool designed to measure abnormal movements in different parts of the body that may be caused by drug treatments.
Ambulatory Inpatient Medical Service
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These set out the longer-term ambitions for the project.
Athletic Injury Monitoring System
Agriculture Internet Monitoring System
Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards
Australian Institute of Marine Science
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the broad, long-term goals of a project. For example, to improve Internet access by older people in a community. ( back)
Describes why the organisation exists and the difference it wants to make. Aims can be overall or specific.