Definitions for "AHP"
Association of Humanistic Psychology
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Allied Heath Professional
Allied Health Professional
Association for Healthcare Philanthropy span
Affordable Housing Program. Administered by each of the 12 regional Federal Home Loan Banks on a competitive basis, the AHP provides below-market-rate loans for purchase, construction, and/or rehabilitation of rental or owner-occupied housing for lower income households. A developer cannot apply directly for AHP funds; the developer must work with a lending institution that is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank System
An acronym for affordable housing program.
Affordable Housing Program. An FHLB program that provides direct grants and subsidized loans to assist members in meeting their community's affordable housing needs. Members partner with local housing organizations (project sponsors) to develop AHP projects.
Analytical Hierarchy Process. A decision making aid or model designed by TL Saaty: involves creating a ranking (hierarchy) of decision elements (factors or criteria) and then making comparisons between each possible pair of alternatives. This gives a mathematical importance weighting for each decision element and a "consistency ratio" for how good the data are.
Analytic Hierarchy Process
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Above Head of Passes; used with mileage designations on the Mississippi River, the Head of Passes being mile zero.