Definitions for "AHJ"
abb. authority having jurisdiction
Authority Having Jurisdiction. The organization, office, or individual responsible for approving equipment, an installation, or a procedure. The phrase "authority having jurisdiction" is used in NFPA documents in a broad manner, since jurisdictions and approval agencies vary, as do their responsibilities. Where public safety is primary, the authority having jurisdiction may be a federal, state, local, or other regional department, or individual such as a fire chief; fire marshal, chief of a fire prevention bureau, labor department, or health department; building official; electrical inspector; or others having statutory authority. For insurance purposes, an insurance inspection department, rating bureau, or other insurance company representative may be the authority having jurisdiction, In many circumstances, the property owner or his or her designated agent assumes the role of the authority having jurisdiction; at government installations, the commanding officer or departmental official may be the authority having jurisdiction.
uthority aving urisdiction. There are specific national and local agencies that are assigned the task of enforcing life safety codes. The agency assigned with this task in a specific jurisdiction is the AHJ. Close Glossary Window