Definitions for "Agent"
: But if your house burns without insurance it will be a total loss.
Acting; -- opposed to patient, or sustaining, action.
One who exerts power, or has the power to act; an actor.
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In the context of the Network Interface Manager (NifMan), the component which NifMan uses to set up a dial-up connection. Or, in the context of a vCard, a property within a vCard whose value is a string representing another entity. See also: property  vCard  entity
a component of network- and desktop-management software, such as SNMP, that gathers information from MIBs.
Refers to all software components running within a manageable device (e.g.: the SNMP tasks, TCP/IP tasks).
earch tool that automatically seeks out relevant online information based on user-provided specifications. Agents are also called intelligent agents, personal agents, knowbots or droids.
Refers to an intelligent or semi-intelligent automation.
a person under the control of an intelligence agency or security service.
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the infectious element of a disease responsible for its transmission between cells, and from animal to animal. Usually recognisable as a virus or bacteria in other known diseases, but so far no such agent has been detected for TSE's and the theory is that a rogue protein, or Prion is responsible.
The element that is able to transmit a disease. We are currently unsure what the absolute agent is for a TSE (such as CJD). Some arguments suggest that it is a virus (see Diringer) some that it is a virino (see Kimberlin or Narang) and many that it is a prion (see Bolton or Prusiner).
Thematic role of the noun in a sentence whose referent performs the action of the verb (The girl threw the ball).
the entity that causes or is responsible for an action. (the subject in a transitive sentence is often, but not always, the agent)
The performer of a verbal action: in an active sentence, the agent is typically the subject of the sentence; in a passive sentence, the agent (the subject of the corresponding active sentence) is usually introduced by by in English and by por in Spanish.
Edit / A person manning the phones at a call center. Besides answering the phone to talk with clients and customers, an AGENT may perform any of a number of tasks depending on the industry s/he works in. Some tasks agents perform include product support, pre-sales support, help with problems, order taking, and client counseling. See Also: Rep Agent Group
A worker in a Call Center who handles incoming and/or outgoing calls.
In call centre speak anybody who, answers calls in a call centre is known as an agent.
See Autonomous Agent.
An autonomous evaluative entity. It is deployed into a design and its evaluation of the design based on its editable criteria are accumulated with the opinions of other agents into the fitness measure of the design.
A software program that runs autonomously, or semi-autonomously, and carries out user directives continuously
This is the browser that the visitor is using. Agents may also be automated searchers (called spiders or robots) sent out by search engines to validate the pages of your site. The Agent name may also include the OSname being used by the visitor. The Agent appears in Logs as ‘Mozilla/4.04 (Macintosh; U; PPC).’ (Mozilla is another name for Netscape Navigator. Why is it named Mozilla? This name derives from Godzilla and was Navigator’s code name while it was being developed.)
A system that is embedded in an environment, and takes actions to change the state of the environment. Examples include mobile robots, software agents, or industrial controllers.
A piece of software, such as a browser or spider, that interprets the content on a web server and presents it to the user as a web page. Examples include Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and various search engine spiders. Examples: MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Googlebot, Slurp, T-Rex
Agents are standard users of SmarterTicket. They receive tickets and can respond to them.
A retail outlet for lottery tickets.
(or retailer) - wherever lottery tickets are legally sold.
A computer program that reports information to another computer or allows another computer access to the local system. Agent software can be used for good use, as in the case of BlackICE software reporting intrusion information to an ICEcap server for reporting and analysis. Agents can also be dangerous as in the case of hacking programs like SubSeven or Back Orifice which expose backdoors to the computer.
A program, probably running on your machine, that asks for files or information from a remote server.
On the Internet, a software program that automatically gathers information.
a human being, typically a teenage female, who is the focus or the center of paranormal activity.
A human being, typically a teenage female, who unknowing directspoltergeist energy.
a microorganism or chemical substance, the presence or absence of which triggers a particular disease or infection.
A necessary but not always sufficient cause of disease. An agent must be present for disease to occur but its presence is not always sufficient to produce the disease. Recently, the concept of agent has been broadened from infectious microorganisms to include chemical and physical causes of disease. See Epidemiologic triangle.
a force or substance that causes a change: a chemical agent; an infectious agent
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: My dear sir, that is a fine house -- pray let me insure it.
: O dear, no -- we could not afford to do that. We must fix the premium so that you will have paid more.
Advisors who work with you to assess your insurance needs and help plan for long-term financial security and stability.
The ghost seen by a human observer.
The apparition, or ghost, seen by a human (or percipient)
: O, we should make ourselves whole from our luckier ventures with other clients. Virtually, they pay your loss.
A separate process or thread that carries out all DB2 requests that are made by a particular client application.
In three-tier architecture, a client or an application server.
Agents are used to model entities outside of the modelled system. Agents can have quantities influencing the rest of the system, which are sometimes called exogenous or external influences.
An entity in adaptive response that measures and monitors performance of the Packeteer unit, the network, or a specific class. See Adaptive Response Overview.
A chemical, physical, mineralogical, or biological entity that may cause deleterious effects in an organism after the organism is exposed to it.
An intermediary, bank or other financial organisation that regularly performs services for another in a place or market to which the other does not have direct access. Intermediaries may have agents in foreign countries or on exchanges of which they are not members. Sometimes also referred to as *correspondent.
A market intermediary that assists in the structuring of a private equity transaction.
Someone who assists asylum seekers (and perhaps other migrants) to leave one country and gain entry to another in exchange for a (one-off) financial reward. Agents are different from traffickers since the latter exploit the migrant and transport them to another country for continued financial gain, even after they arrive in the destination country . Traffickers might, for example, force migrants into prostitution or make them work illegally.
An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect, such as a physical, chemical, or medicinal agent; as, heat is a powerful agent.
a chemical substance having biological effects; a drug.
Something that produces or is capable of producing an effect; an active or efficient cause or a chemically, physically, or biologically active principle.
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The agent ( swagent) runs on the local host. It services all selection, analysis, execution and status requests.
Agent refers to extinguishing material used in the fire service.
the service provider, for example Express World Wide or TNT Air Couriers. An agent can have many services..
Manager responsible for the professional business dealings of an actor, director, screenwriter, or other artist. An agent typically negotiates the contracts and often has some part in selecting or recommending roles for their client.
Professional communicator who conducts business over the phone
In WebSitePulse, Agent refers to the WebSitePulse Remote Monitoring Agent which initiates and performs the tests on your e-business components from multiple locations on the Internet.
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An eG software component that executes on a server and tracks the health of the server and all the applications executing on the server
Cams software components that delegate security requests to a Cams server. Also known as a pluggin. Agents are specific to the application (application agent), web server (web agent), or J2EE server (application server agent) that host them.
Any software component that registers with the Communication Executive.
means Mr. Andre Congiu, Registered Migration Agent Number 0319022 as applicable to the Service and that is appointed to your case.
A firm or person appointed by the Executive Director to carry out specific duties related to the operation of the Agreement, for instance, in relation to controls or the verification of stocks.
A VCRP researcher sent to foreign libraries, archives, and other institutions to identify (and describe for microfilming) manuscripts that contain information about Virginia history between l607 and 1783.
: You spoke of saving the premiums which you would otherwise pay to me. Will you not be more likely to squander them? We offer you an incentive to thrift.
A real estate professional registered in Alberta to facilitate the sale, lease or exchange of a property.
a professional real estate marketing person who oversees the homebuying process from start to finish.
An individual real estate professional that lists properties with an MLS. Since A membership fee is generally charged by the MLS for this service, thus Agents, together with Offices, are collectively referred to as Members.
a full-time employee of the UGA Cooperative Extension Service who generally serves in a local county office
A contact center employee who services requests from customers.
A common term used to indicate a Helpdesk or Support Center employee whose primary job responsibility is responding to customer calls. These employees typically provide first-level or second-level support.
An agent will deal with finding suitable tenants and often the maintenance of the property for the landlord. They can be independent or linked to an estate agent.
A subcomponent of an adapter that handles runtime instructions. The agent is independent of the application to which the adapter connects. The agent focuses on the integration scenario based on the integration metadata in the repository.
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In UNIX Performance feature, a set of programs running on a network node that gather data about the node and write the data to log files. Agents can gather data by issuing UNIX commands, and by reading files such as UNIX accounting files.
The agent runs in the traditional style of the UNIX daemon. See also advfsd
An iTivity component that allows secure connections to an iServer and remote viewing and control of the computer on which it is installed. This computer is referred to as an agent computer.
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In mailing lists, the list broker is the agent of the list's renter, while the list manager is the agent of the list's owner. Often, one agent performs both functions for different lists at different times.
Like brokers, real estate agents (REALTORS®, sales associates, licensees, etc.) are trained and licensed to conduct real estate transactions. Agents, however, must operate under the supervision of a broker, and their training is not as extensive.
A manufacturer's employee or a network of brokers that directly sells products to retailers and/or wholesalers. See master broker; direct sale.
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: Spare _me_!
Winamp's taskbar component. Maintains file type associations.
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: I will not deny it -- but look at the figures in this pamph --
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See Foreign sales agent.
Foreigner recruited by a CIA case officer.
The Agent is a fictional character featured in some Marvel Comics publications.
A type of webMethods Enterprise Server adapter that, rather than connecting to a resource of some sort, such as a database, provides functionality on its own. Examples include the Integration Logic Agent, Rules Agent and Data Transformation Agent.
Data collecting component of PTX.
Component Object Model
The commercial version of the Free Agent newsreader.
An individual external to the iHOE system (see user classes)
A well-connected professional who places your work with publishers, keeps track of your royalties, and perhaps provides career guidance in return for a percentage of your earnings.
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see literary agent.
The background data collection process known as agent. See also SCO Agent.
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In Domino, a stand-alone program that performs a specific task in a database.
a unifying concept and metaphor considered in this project.
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: Certainly; if we did not --
The agent is who implements or carries out the plan such as Congress, the President, the Department of Defense or the Supreme Court. The resolution usually designates what agent the plan can use or from where the affirmative can draw an agent.
An agent is a tool that is like the user interface in that it presents an abstract view of a design to the user and allows more or less arbitrary manipulation of a design. Agents are unlike other tools in that they cannot easily be thought of as derived methods of objects.
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An actor. We define an agent as a system which has goals to fulfill.
Synonym for actor.
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: Why, your house may burn down at any time. There was Smith's house, for example, which --
An agent is a program that can perform actions based on information provided by the simulator. For all decisions made, the agent will calculate which action is best to take in a limited time allotted by the simulator.
Aggregate exercise price Aggressive Growth Hedge Fund
An intellectual property and contract law specialist who is unable to pass the bar.
something capable of producing a certain effect or causing change (eg a disease agent)
In a cancer clinical trial, an agent is a substance that produces, or is capable of producing, an effect that fights cancer.
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A substance that exerts some effect or force.
An application that searches data and sends an alert when a certain situation occurs. (See ALERT)
An individual who attempts to influence a target system by mental means alone.
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see "ship's port agent"
the official title of a Cooperative Extension educator/administrator with Federal benefits.
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See directory integration agent
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An element able to transmit a disease.
The bank responsible for administering a project financing.
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Amortization Appraisal fee
The program, Agent, is used to monitor the system use and ensure it is under the control of the administrator.
A search program that searches in the Internet for specific expressions according to the instructions of the user.
An individual process, capable of sending and receiving messages.
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Messages related to agents.
A named point of communication within a system.