Definitions for "Aftertaste"
A taste which remains in the mouth after eating or drinking.
The impression the wine leaves after it is swallowed. Fine wines have a lingering aftertaste, or finish.
The flavours that linger in the mouth after tasting or swallowing wine. The aftertaste or finish is one of the most important factors in judging a wine's character or quality
Aftertaste is the fourth album by Helmet, released in 1997 on Interscope. This proved to be Helmet's final album with original members John Stanier (drums) and Henry Bogdan (bass). Guitarist Rob Echeverria, who appeared on Helmet's previous outing, Betty, left the group to join Biohazard.
Keywords:  savor, smack, relish, hint, trace
is the trace, hint, smack, relish, savor food leaves behind.