Definitions for "Aftercare"
Supervision or treatment given to individuals for a limited time after they are released from a treatment program.
Individualized patient services required after hospitalization or rehabilitation.
Upon release from residential placement, a period of strict supervision to closely monitor the juvenile’s adjustment back into the community.
The work required to ensure that a mineral or landfill site is restored to a beneficial afteruse and that future environmental problems do not arise on the site.
The cultivation, treatment and management of land after initial shaping of materials and replacement of soils on completed mineral workings and tips.
An agreed programme of work designed to bring a restored mineral and waste disposal site to a satisfactory standard for agriculture, forestry or amenity uses. Normally, imposed in the form of a planning condition to run for a period of five years following restoration.
Program following treatment for alcohol or drug abuse; aftercare programs encourage the development of social networks and activities to address emotional needs of recovering alcoholics and substance abusers.
A period just after BDSM play where psychological or physical needs resulting from the play are addressed. Sometimes referred to as the "best part" of BDSM play because it allows for extreme intimacy, it's often overlooked by new people in the scene. Most often, the dominant person running the scene administers to the psychological or physical needs of the submissive. However, it can just as easily be the reverse, in which case it is usually the result of the play having enticed one or both partners to cross some often-hidden emotional boundary.
Planting, fertilising, watering, draining or otherwise treating the land for a specific end use.
Support services provided after a child has been accommodated.