Definitions for "After-tax contributions"
See definition by plan below. Educated Choices supplemental life, dependent life and long-term care plans: Amounts withheld from your net pay for your share of the costs for these plans after federal and state income taxes, and Social Security (FICA) taxes are calculated and withheld. Employees who are on certain leaves of absence will be billed and will have to pay for their benefits in after-tax dollars. Stanford Contributory Retirement Plan (SCRP): Contributions deducted from your net pay after all applicable federal, state, and Social Security (FICA) taxes have been withheld. "After-Tax" contributions are included in the taxable income reported on your W-2, and not again subject to tax when distributed to you.
Investments in a retirement plan that come from the taxable portion of an employee's pay-unlike pretax contributions, which are deducted from the employee's pay before taxes are calculated. Sometimes called voluntary contributions.
Amounts paid by members before July 1, 1986, or amounts paid by members to buy credited service. These amounts were or are paid from taxable income and are not taxed again when the ASRS pays a refund or benefit payment.