Definitions for "AFT "
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Near or towards the stern of a vessel; astern; abaft.
Towards the rear of the vessel.
At or near the stern of a vessel.
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(adv.) often
Automatic Fine Tuner. An automatic control in a TV set that adjusts the tuner for the best picture.
Automatic Fine Tuning.
Acronym for Automatic Flotation Thing. The Coast Guard requires that you have a personal flotation device for each member on board; these are the ones that are *supposed* to inflate automatically when you hit the water (and you will) to prevent drowning.
Directions Aground Expressions
American Farmland Trust
American Federation of Teachers
AFT is a document preparation system. It is mostly free form, meaning that there is little intrusive markup; AFT source documents look a lot like plain old ASCII text. It has a few rules for structuring your document, more to do with formatting your text than embedding lots of commands, and it produces all types of output .
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an aerobic fitness test (1.5-mile run)
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Associate for Family Therapy