Definitions for "AFS"
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See Andrew File System (AFS).
Andrew File System. A specific instance of a distributed file system (DFS), developed at Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU), allowing multiple file systems to be shared between organizations and treated, at the user interface level, as one giant file system.
Address Finder System and Service
American Fisheries Society priority species
American Field Service
American Foundrymen"s Society.
Aerodrome Fire Service.
Auxiliary Fire Service
Australian Financial Services
Australian Forestry Standard
Affordability and Financial Sustainability
Selective Auto focus. Corrects blurring fast and automatically. (Disengageable in a number of devices).
Advanced Financial Solutions
Aviation Fleet Solutions
Advanced Flying School
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Air Flow Sensor
Air Fuel Sensor, also see below
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Archive of Folk Songs
Concept of intelligent lighting, according to curves, weather and speed
Keywords:  africans, slang, black
slang for black Africans
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Air Force Station
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Average Funded Strength
Keywords:  symbol, account, fund
Account Fund Symbol
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See available-for-sale.