Definitions for "AFO"
Keywords:  orthosis, brace, ankle, foot, shoe
Ankle-foot orthosis. A brace supporting the ankle-foot area
(Ankle Foot Orthoses) Plastic brace used for standing or to keep foot at neutral to prevent contracture. Covers foot and extends to below knee.
Ankle Foot Orthotic. It's the brace you wear on you lower leg to keep your ankle and foot in line so you don't crash land on the ground (are you getting the feeling that falling is a persistent theme here?). It's made of white plastic and covers the back of your leg, and is strapped on by various means. Very fashionable! Just remember to always wear a long sock, or your leg will wilt
Authorized Firearms officer Afo
Area Firearms Officer
Authorised Firearms Officers
AFO, or the L'assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario (Francophone Assembly of Ontario) is a Canadian organization which coordinates the political and cultural activities of the Franco-Ontarian community.
Agricultural operations where livestock are kept and raised in confined situations. Some states regular AFOs.
Abbreviation for Animal Feeding Operation, which is an agricultural business where animals are raised in confined situations and fed an unnatural diet, instead of allowing them to roam and graze. The EPA determines whether an agricultural business is an AFO based on regulations created by the Clean Water Act.
Athlete Fairness Organization, proposed by Landis to address shortcomings in the anti-doping enforcement process.
Austrian Futures and Options Exchange.