Definitions for "AFL"
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also called SIP (Solo-In-Place) See PFL.
A sound desk button that allows the operator to listen to a post-fade signal. Used most commonly with Aux Masters, it is a effectively a PFL-type button that listens to the output level of the signal.
After Fade Listen. The function of a button found on the input channels of a mixer. Engaging this feature causes the signal found after the channel fader to be routed to a special headphone circuit (typically). This circuit allows the operator to listen to the post (or after) fader signal separate from the rest of the mix. see also PFL; solo
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AFM Aftertouch
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See Aruban florin.
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Absent From Leave. When a juvenile who is committed to the Maine Youth Center (MYC), is away from his/her assigned placement without permission in violation of the Aftercare Agreement.
Adaptive Forward Lighting
Adaptive Foward Lighting
Astrobiology Field Laboratory
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Above floor level (same as FFL). Return to the top No entries - Return to the top CCTV Closed Circuit Television.
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Accu-RATE Frame Lock(tm). A method of eliminating image tearing which is associated with scaling, especially when motion video is involved, and occurs when the input frame rate is slower or faster than the output frame rate and part of the old frame and part of the new frame are displayed at the same time during a refresh cycle.
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Armed Forces of Liberia
The total value of insured losses which must be incurred in a policy period and bourne by the Insured before the Insurer becomes liable in respect of that policy period.