Definitions for "Affinity diagram"
Affinity diagramming is a categorization method where users sort various concepts into several categories. This usability method is used by a team to organize a large amount of data according to the natural relationships between the items. Basically, you write each concept on a Post-It note and tack them onto a wall. Team members move the notes to groups based on how they feel the concept belongs with other concepts. For more information visit: Affinity Diagrams. AJAX AJAX stands for or Asynchronous Javascript and XML. It's a way to utilize the abilities of Javascript, the Document Object Model, and XML to create interactivity on the web. For more information visit: AJAX (Asynchronous JAvaScript + XML or Asynchronous JAvascript using XMLHttpRequest)
A management tool used to organize information (usually gathered during a brainstorming activity).
a brainstorming tool designed to allow every child in the class an opportunity to add to the discussion
a technique for organizing verbal information into a visual pattern