Definitions for "Affiliates"
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Affiliates are persons and entities that are directly associated with the site. Affiliates may be site owners, site operators, site contacts, consultants (individuals and companies), attorneys, adjoining property owners, LRP interested parties and government contacts other than DNR (city/county officials, IDED, EPA).
An affiliate is a site that you display text or buttons linking to each other's site. The whole point of affiliation is to help your site and your affiliates' site get visitors. The best way to get affiliates is to have a nice, organized, professional site with lots of information and a nice layout. To affiliate with someone, look for an affiliation link or email them if you can't find one.
A type of co-branding where relationships between content providers and vendors help a website generate revenue. exceeds all others in generating these relationships. Many forget that this is an equal partnership whereby BOTH parties benefit equally.
at any time, any person or legal entity Controlled by, Controlling or under common Control of BL;
members of a group of two or more organization related to one another through some form of control, usually a common constitutions and/or by-laws.
A company or legal entity, which owns, is owned by, or is under common ownership with, the customer. Ownership is defined as more than 51 percent ownership. Affiliate is defined as any legal entity that is owned by you, owns you or is in common ownership with you.
Broadcast stations that use broadcast network programming but that are owned by companies other than the broadcast networks.
Television stations in various local markets that agree to carry network-supplied programming on their stations during scheduled times throughout the day.
Selling the product of someone else in return of a certain percentage on the sale.