Definitions for "Aetiology"
the study of factors that cause a disease.
The cause of a disease (also called aetiopathogenesis)
NAAR glossary Study of the causes or origins of a disease or disorder.
Glomerulonephritis Potassium
Gonads Potassium
Endocardium Pathogenesis
Keywords:  story, teleology, d'etre, raison, myths
a story that explains how a person, place, or thing came to have its name
A story giving an explanation of the origin of a name, a place, or a custom.
a doctrine and/or narrative account of first causes, particularly in the case of creation myths/stories that provide narrative accounts of the raison d'etre of all that is. See also Teleology.
Keywords:  flavopiridol, pancreatic
Flavopiridol Pancreatic
Keywords:  postprandial, hepatitis
Hepatitis Postprandial
Keywords:  filariasis, proteins
Filariasis Proteins
Keywords:  esophagitis, petroleum
Esophagitis Petroleum
Keywords:  glycine, pigments
Glycine Pigments
Keywords:  phenotype, fats
Fats Phenotype
Keywords:  fatigue, prostatism
Fatigue Prostatism
All the factors that contribute to the development of an illness or disorder