Definitions for "Advocacy"
The act of pleading for or supporting; work of advocating; intercession.
Activities in support of, or on behalf of, people with mental illness, developmental disabilities or addiction disorders including protection of rights, legal and other service assistance, and system or policy changes.
The process of actively supporting the cause of an individual (case advocacy) or group (class advocacy), speaking or writing in favor of, or being intercessor or defender. Action to assure the best possible services for or intervention in the service system on behalf of an individual or group.
efforts to directly influence policies of any government; a strategy for making social change.
The recommendation of a policy.
A strategy for increasing the level of commitment to improve policies related to hygiene, water, and sanitation in schools programs and the resources available for such programs.
Describes to act of your solicitor/barrister appearing in court for you. At the beginning of your case your solicitor/barrister will ask you to grant them this authority so that they may make pleas and actions in your name.
Representation of a party to an action before a court.
is the act or process of defending or maintaining a cause or proposal. An organization may have advocacy as its mission (or part of its mission) to increase public awareness of a particular issue or set of issues. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is normally the most important meeting an organization has each year. The governing board, executive director, and the general membership are normally present at an AGM.
Public activism and organized promotion of the rights of people with disabilities has created alliances between similarly concerned proponents of disability causes who demand solutions for the problems of independent living.
a style of journalism in which a reporter takes sides in controversial issues and develops a point of view a style of journalism which is opposite of mainstream journalism, in which reporters are expected to be objective
Advocacy is an SBA office created to be the voice for small business in the federal government and the source for small business statistics. Research on small business economics and trends is conducted by the Office of Advocacy.
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Assisting older individuals to uphold their rights and to obtain the services they need.
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This has something to do with making press releases.
Any activity done to help a person or group to get something the person or group needs or wants.
Any activity done to help a person or group get something the person or group wants or needs.
Representing the views, opinions, and needs of another person who is unable to do so for themselves.
Typically refers to activities that are used to raise the profile of an issue and mobilize the forces necessary to change public opinion, policy and practice.
This term refers to the role parents or guardians play in developing and monitoring their child's educational program. Advocating for your child means knowing what rights are assured you by the law and actively participating in the decision-making process to ensure that the services are delivered in line with your goals for your child's development and education.
Services that help people secure or improve services from government or other agencies.