Definitions for "Advertising Agency"
The agency responsible for an advertiser's creative or account work.
an organization established for the purpose of providing creative and marketing communications services for its clients.
A company that helps clients to plan and purchase promotional projects. Interactive agencies handle e-mail, banner ads, search, and other electronic promotions. Traditional ad agencies cover TV, radio, and print media, but might cover interactive media, too.
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Anthropology Average cost curve, long-run (LRAC or LAC)
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The company that specializes in creating ads for big brands.
3/4– An organization acting as an agent for a producer of goods or services (an advertiser) devoted to developing and placing advertising in order to further the acceptance of a brand product, service, or idea.
an organisation which undertakes to handle advertising on behalf of the advertiser
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a marketing consultant
a firm that specializes in the creation product