Definitions for "advertising"
a communication publicly promoting some product or service.
The public promotion of one's products and services.
Making known; calling public attention to a product, service, or company by means of paid announcements so as to affect perception or arouse consumer desire to make a purchase or take a particular action.
To make an obvious play or expose cards in such a way as to deliberately convey an impression to your opponents about your style of play. For example, to make a bad play or bluff to give the impression that you bluff frequently (hoping opponents will then call your legitimate bets) or to show only good hands to give the impression that you rarely bluff (hoping opponents will then fold when you do).
To show your hand after making a bluff with the intention to appear like a bad player.
Making obvious plays or exposing cards in an attempt to give a certain impression of yourself to your opponents. E.g., only showing good hands so that they believe that you rarely bluff, and therefore fold to you.
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an important part of marketing and sales initiative
there are many methods of advertising on Thaicom Satellites, from inserted film to logos. For futher information contact sales representative [email protected] or call (662) 591-0736 to 49 Ext. 301
The publication of a vacancy in the FSU Job Vacancy Announcement and/or State University System Bulletin. Other advertising may be conducted based on the needs of the hiring department.
the business of drawing public attention to goods and services
any activity or notice (electronically communicated or otherwise) which publicly calls or draws attention to a collective investment scheme. Enjoy Free Drink Recipes! Terminology
a former shoe store located in downtown Spokane, Washington
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the business of advertising; the activity engaged in by professional publicists for pay.
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An amount of money that is usually part of the dealer invoice price of each vehicle sold. This money is used by the manufacturer to finance its advertising program. Fleet orders are exempt from this fee, as are certain other price programs.
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a San Diego based marketing firm
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Process by which services on a network inform other devices on the network of their existence.
a full-service agency specializing in recruitment advertisement for professional drivers for the transportation industry
In order for routers to maintain accurate information about their network surroundings (assisting in accurate and efficient passing of data packets) - the process in which routers send routing tables updates, and/or service updates, at specific intervals.
The agent pays all costs of advertising and marketing your home.
The broker pays all advertising costs.
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Commercial image specifically styled for use in advertising.
Rules that govern the practice of accounting. The standards are legally binding.