Definitions for "ADT"
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Average Daily Traffic. The average number of vehicles passing a specified point during a 24-hour period.
The total volume of traffic during a given time period, in whole days greater than one day and less than one year, divided by the number of days in that time period.
Average Daily Traffic (or Average Daily Trips)
Asynchronous Data Transfer. Data transferred is transmitted intermittently rather than in a steady stream.
Asynchronous Data Transfer - Transmission technique used in ISDN PBXs to allocate bandwidth.
Abstract Data Types
see androgen deprivation therapy
Androgen deprivation therapy. A therapy designed to inhibit the body's production of androgens.
About darn time
Atlantic daylight time
Abbreviation for: assigned departure time Fr: ADT
Adult Day Training
The diphtheria and tetanus vaccine for adults. Also known as dT.
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Active Duty Training. A tour of duty for training Reserve Component soldiers. The soldier must be under orders to return to nonactive duty status when the ADT period is completed. .
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Security System used in Petty Cash
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Air dry metric tonne of pulp meaning dry solids content of 90 %. Please note that an air dry tonne of paper is defined as paper with 6% moisture content.
Admission, Discharge, Transfer: usually the master patient management system.
Admit, Discharge & Transfer.
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Absolute Dynamic Topography
(Artificial Double Tracking) An electronic studio device for simulating the effect of a double tracked voice or instrument from only one track of source.
Advanced Devices and Technologies
Advanced Data Technology