Definitions for "Adonai"
Keywords:  yhvh, yhwh, lord, yahweh, jehovah
A Hebrew name for God, usually translated in the Old Testament by the word "Lord".
(ah-doh-NIGH) n. pl. “My Lord(s).” Spoken by observant Jews instead of God's personal name YHVH. See the Names of God. The Name for God used most frequently in Berachot (blessings) and in reading the Torah aloud. It means "Master" (see above). The connotation is "Master of the universe" and "Master of the individual." Note that this name uses the plural of majesty and indicates the Hashalush Hakadosh (Holy Trinity).
Hebrew word found in Scripture which is used to refer to YHWH, but is also used with regard to other "mighty ones." The Jews came to use it as a substitute for pronouncing the Father's actual Name. It is a title, not a name, and derives from the Hebrew Adon - firm, strong, master. Adonai literally means "My Sovereign."