Definitions for "Adjutant"
Keywords:  stork, ciconia, argala, gigantic, gait
large Indian stork with a military gait
a species of very large stork (Ciconia argala), a native of India , also called the gigantic crane, and by the native name argala
A helper; an assistant.
A regimental staff officer, who assists the colonel, or commanding officer of a garrison or regiment, in the details of regimental and garrison duty.
An Officer, normally of the rank of captain, who acts as the commanding officers 'right-hand man' in peace and war, with special responsibility for personnel and discipline.
aide-de-camp; a position of responsibility rather than one of rank.
Aide-de-Camp; a position rather than a rank
Keywords:  auxiliary
adj. Auxiliary.
a university official that helps to resolve violations of community standards
a university official authorized to mediate agreements or recommend sanctions for students who are charged with a violation of community standards