Definitions for "ADI"
Area of Dominant Influences, ARB's definition of the exclusive geographic area consisting of all counties in which the Home Market Stations receive a preponderance of total viewing hours. Equivalent in concept (though not necessarily in county roster) to Nielsen's Designated Market Area. [Go to source
Area of Dominant Influence. The geographic area that can clearly receive a television signal.
Area of Dominant Influence. A geographical market definition whereby each county is assigned exclusively to one television market. The ADI rating is based on countries where originating stations enjoy a high proportion of viewing compared to outside station viewing.
Acceptable Daily Intake. An estimate of the dose resulting from exposure to a toxicant that is likely to be without harmful effect even if continued exposure occurs over a lifetime.
Acceptable Daily Intake. An estimate by the Joint Food and Agricultural Organization (United Nations)/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the amount of a veterinary drug, expressed on a body weight basis, that can be ingested daily over a lifetime without appreciable health risk (standard man=60 kg).
Acceptable Daily Intake. The chemical ingestion level determined by combining the maximum No-Observed-Adverse-Effect-Level (NOAEL) with the addition of an uncertainty (safety) factor. Chemicals with ADI levels usually are not considered or suspected to be carcinogens. This classification results from toxicity data collected during prolonged ingestion studies conducted on a number of animals.
AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter format. Generated by AutoCAD as monochrome bitmaps.
AutoCAD's Device-Independent Binary Plotter Format, a vector format generated by AutoCAD.
Adaptive Dynamic e Integration-friendly
Advanced Distance Integration
Application Desktop Integrator. Application Desktop Integrator is a spreadsheet-based reporting tool used for General Ledger (GL) reporting. ADI allows the user to submit a report and publish the output to Excel in an easy-to-read format. The values shown on the report can also be drilled-down on to show more details. Other reporting tools include COGNOS Report Net and Discoverer.
Adi literally means the first or one with a beginning. The adi illusion occurs once one realizes intellectually that one is not distinct from God (Brahman). That is, although one knows one is not different from God, one does not experience it.
The First; the primeval; the atomic plane of the solar system; the highest of the seven planes.
The first or fetal; primordial or embryonic, the beginning.
Analog Devices, Inc.
Abstract device interface. The abstract device interface is a set of function definitions (which may be realized as either C functions or macro definitions) in terms of which the user-callable standard MPI functions may be expressed. As such, it provides the message-passing protocols that distinguish MPICH from other implementations of MPI. In particular, the ADI layer contains the code for packetizing messages and attaching header information, managing multiple buffering policies, matching posted receives with incoming messages or queuing them if necessary, and handling heterogeneous communications.
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Approved Driving Instructor Cat B - Category B Vehicle ie normal car
Approved Driving Instructor (see also PDI)
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A son of Asura Andhaka
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A very popular, commonly-used Tala of eight beats, divided 4+2+2. Technical name: Chatusra Jati Triputa Tala.
Attitude Deviation Indicator
Attitude Director Indicator
Attitude Direction Indicator
access decision information. The data and attributes that are used by the authorization engine to evaluate a rule. Authorization API attributes are name-value pairs, form the basis of all ADI that can be referenced in a rule or presented to the authorization engine.
Approved Deposit-taking Institution (a bank, building society or credit union that holds an authority to carry on banking business under the Banking Act).
Authorised deposit-taking institution. ADIs (banks, building societies and credit unions) are supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).
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'Place of' or 'village of.' Used with village names like Adi Abun, "Bishop's-ville".
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A CICS initialization parameter for XRF indicating the delay interval between a loss of signal from the active machine and any action taken by the alternate machine.
Alzheimer's Disease Initiative
Abbreviation for Alternating Direction Implicit.
Abbreviation for Autodesk Device Interface.
This shows the vertical and horizontal orientation of the shuttle.
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Agency Defined Information. Groups of user-defined fields that can be created by an individual agency. The field is added through the ADI Fields section of SEMCI PARTNER®. Once the field has been created, it can then be used to develop a screen in Screen Designer and any data entered in these fields be queried against, allowing you to locate all clients with that information.
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Term And Invalidity Insurance
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See access decision information.