Definitions for "Addiction"
The state of being addicted; devotion; inclination.
See substance dependence.
162c -- See also: Backslide Addicted to the Holy Spirit 216de Drunk 159i Good habits 174b Tempted to pursue your 160k Adequacy -- See: Ability, Grace, Sufficient Admiration -- See: Glory, Worship Admonishment -- See: Exhortation
A strong need for food, drink, people, or other things, which is extremely hard to resist.
(Roman law) a formal award by a court sentence of a thing or person to another (as of a debtor to his creditor); a surrender to a master; "under Roman law addiction was the justification for slavery"
an uncontrollably strong longing for something - an abnormal kinky obsession for things
a disorder, but codeine cough medicine it is treatable
a programming (or operating instruction to your biocomputer) that triggers uncomfortable emotional responses and excites your consciousness if the world does not fit the programmed pattern in your mind
An emotional need for pain medication because of the feeling that is received from the medicine.
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a Choice by Jeffrey A
Addiction is a single by the band Skinny Puppy, taken from their 1987 album Cleanse Fold and Manipulate.
a fixation upon something other than your relationship with the divine
a reverse sign post, pointing away from something you are afraid of
an affection for pain, suffering, doubt, anxiety and you tell yourself that this is just the by product of the life
a sickness in itself, but being sick because you don't have whatever you are addicted to is infinitely worse
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a software without an in-built uninstall option
a scholarly journal where the developed and the developing countries can find common ground for debate
a symptom of a deeper underlying personality problem
a tough problem to beat, but it can be done
a way of thinking and behaving that is not easily overcome
a malicious entity that you must eventually gain power over
a disease that needs to be treated like any other
an experience that takes on meaning and power in the light of a person's needs, desires, beliefs, expectations, and fears
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a chance to take a good hard look at the foundation
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a function of the time it takes to feel the sensation
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a powerful force
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