Definitions for "Addendum"
A thing to be added; an appendix or addition.
An agreement or list that is added to a contract, agreement, or other document such as a letter of intent. FHA and VA require that an addendum be added to or incorporated in a sales contract, if it is written prior to the appraisal.
A document added to a contract, agreement, or another document.
A notice read by the auctioneer at the auction and/or posted at the sale location. Saleroom announcements may amend information in the catalogue in accordance with the Conditions of Sale/Business. It is the bidder's responsibility to find out about this information by contacting the specialist department.
an amendment which adds on to the end of a motion without otherwise changing it
a rule regarding competition announced performances (AP)
There's another way to look at DOF that confuses the hell out of beginners but is nevertheless very relevant: Regardless of what focal length is used, at a given aperture the DOF is always the same as long as the subject is exactly the same size on the focal plane. The main difference between focal lengths is therefore the perspective and how out of focus the background appears to be. _______________________________________________________
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a thing of beauty, tho, I must say
Electronic payment A record that accompanies an ACH-Credit payment that identifies the payer and what the payment is for.
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See procurement addendum. [D00066
an inspection which takes place in between cyclical inspections
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textual matter that is added onto a publication; usually at the end
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Changes made to the specification.