Definitions for "Add-in"
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EndNote Add-in software is installed with the EndNote program for use with WordPerfect 10 (2002) or 11. It integrates EndNote commands into an EndNote submenu on the Tools menu of WordPerfect and allows for a streamlined formatting process to cite references and create a bibliography.
a class in an assembly (DLL) that Office loads and creates when needed
a design-time tool that you attach to the Visual Basic IDE
A program that runs in conjunction with a web browser or other application. The add-in enhances functionality of the application with which it runs.
a feature that can be added into Excel when it is needed
a Global Template that contains VBA code that is automaically installed when an OFFICE application is started
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a totally different process that communicates with the bot via STDIN and STDOUT
When a new modular capability can be added to an already developed system via exposed interfaces. ANSI American National Standards Institute. This organization is responsible for approving U.S. standards in many areas, including computers and communications. Standards approved by this organization are often called ANSI standards (e.g., ANSI C is the version of the C language approved by ANSI). ANSI is a member of ISO.
a piece of software that adds to the functionality of a base product, such as an extension to an operating system or a plug-in for an Internet browser
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a class library
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Messages related to the Add-in task.
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a good way to go