Definitions for "Adaptor"
A short, threaded piece or coupling used to adapt parts of the logging tool that cannot otherwise be coupled together because of difference in thread size or design.
a single process - each Source component is run as a separate thread of execution
A fitting that joins two different types of pipes together, such as ABS to cast-iron, or threaded to non-threaded
An attachment or adjunct to condition an apparatus or component part for a use not intended originally. Example: A device used to permit the mounting of cartridge on cartridge mounting plate.
device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible
A block used to mount a form tool to a slide.
A printed circuit board that enables a personal computer to use a peripheral device, such as a CD-ROM drive, modem, or joystick, for which it does not already have the necessary connections, ports, or circuit boards. Commonly, a single adapter card can have more than one adapter on it. Also called: interface card.
a class or a function that transforms one interface into a different one
a class template which builds on another type or types to provide a new interface or behavioral variant
a doddle to set up, the instructions form Linksys are possibly the easiest computer instructions I have ever met
A synthetic, double-stranded oligonucleotide used to attach sticky ends to a blunt-ended DNA molecule.
A device used to interconnect two different connector types.
a good choice since it already comes in a PC-style connector, which is what most of the GPS data cables on the market use
a special kind of connector between case-specific models-i
a nonverbal behavior we use to manifest some of our unconscious needs of drive
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a really little handy device
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a cheap and very fast way to load your images from a CF card
a one way link between one or more origins and one or more destinations
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(noun) - A function which alters a slot's signature.
a software component that abstracts out specifics associated with a particular application, database or protocol from the integration server