Definitions for "Actuator"
A device which creates mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy to mechanical energy.
n. a device, usually connected to a cylinder, which, when activated, may cause a lock mechanism to operate
A peripheral [output] device which translates electrical signals into mechanical actions; e.g., a stepper motor which acts on an electrical signal received from a computer instructing it to turn its shaft a certain number of degrees or a certain number of rotations. See: servomechanism.
The part of a switch assembly used by the operator that causes switch contacts to engage or disengage. Actuators include pushbuttons, levers, slides, keylocks, toggles, emergency stop caps, etc.
The part of a switch that is acted upon to cause the switch to change contact connections; for example, toggle, pushbutton, and rocker.
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Adagio ADAT
A LogicBrick that acts like a muscle of a lifeform. It can move the object, or also make a sound. See Also: LogicBrick, Sensor, Controller.
Object that causes the sensor to operate when detected.
An electronic circuit board that activates the myomer musculature in a 'Mech.
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Component attached to an MIT finger to allow the finger position to be measured.
a cylinder that pulls and pushes the landing gear into position
a device that is used to alternate the rotated position of an object
a telescopic "leg" of a motion system which, in unison with the other actuators, provides the base's movements.
an instrument that modifies the state of the system forcing a change in some of its degrees of freedom, requiring a power proportional to the change to be performed
An actuator is hardware that is used to carry out the physical aspects of the computer. It is more than likely something that will not be used by you at home.
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a command receiver such as a light, a window blind, or a heating system
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One who actuates, or puts into action.