Definitions for "ActiveX"
ActiveX is Microsoft software component technology, mainly used by Microsoft Windows. They facilitate sharing of information between differing applications. Digital video recorders utilize ActiveX to remotely view security cameras online.
An application client model. A set of technologies from Microsoft provideing tools for linking desktop applications to the Web.
ActiveX is a model for writing programs.Developed by Microsoft ActiveX technologies are based on COM (Component Object Model). For example Flash movies are using ActiveX to be displayed in a user browser. ActiveX can be used with a variety of programming languages and in an Internet programming environment.
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AIFF AOT ASN.1 autostart manager
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Freeware Online
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A set of properties that define how applications are to share information with each other. These properties are known as controls.
ActiveX is a set of properties that specify in what way applications share information with each other. These properties are known as ActiveX Controls.
AICC ASP - Application Service Provider
a modular piece of software that performs tasks and communicates information
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