Definitions for "active participant"
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An individual who participates in a retirement plan sponsored either by his/her...
an individual who is an "active participant" in a qualified retirement plan may have his or her IRA deduction reduced or eliminated, depending on the level of the individual's compensation. A person is an active participant in a defined benefit plan if he or she is not excluded under the plan's eligibility provisions, even if the person declined participation in the plan, failed to make a mandatory contribution to the plan, or has failed to perform the minimum service required to accrue a benefit under the plan. A person is generally an active participant in a defined contribution plan if any employer contribution or forfeiture is allocated to the person's account during the current tax year. An individual will not be disqualified from taking an IRA deduction because his or her spouse is an active participant, within certain AGI limits.
An individual who, in a particular year, benefited under a qualified pension, profit sharing or stock bonus plan; a 403(b) plan; a SEP IRA; a SIMPLE IRA or SIMPLE 401(k); a qualified annuity; any plan described in IRC Sec 501(c)(18); or a plan established for its employees by the U.S., by a state or political subdivision or by an agency or instrumentality of the U.S. or a state or political subdivision (other than a plan under IRC Sec 457(b)).
a customer who is currently receiving WIA or partner agency program services
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