Definitions for "Active Matrix"
Keywords:  tft, transistor, lcd, matrix, sharper
display: A type of liquid crystal display (LCD) that has a transistor for each pixel - used in the Mac Portable and many high-end PowerBook models, including the 170, 180C, 270C, 280C, and 540 and 540C. These displays have a higher contrast and wider viewing angle than passive-matrix screens (even "superfast" or "dual-scan" models), but they're more expensive and more difficult to manufacture.
A type of flat-panel display in which the screen is refreshed more frequently than in conventional passive-matrix displays. The most common type of active-matrix display is based on a technology known as TFT (thin film transistor). The two terms, active matrix and TFT, are often used interchangeably
A display where each pixel is driven by a thin film transistor (TFT) deposited in the glass.