Definitions for "Active Directory"
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Provides the ability to build applications that give a single point of access to multiple directories in a network environment, whether those directories are LDAP,NDS,or NTDS based directories.
Campus Active Directory is a project to integrate all campus units to be able to use various functions of Microsoft Windows 2000.
A Windows hierarchical directory service that allows network administrators to manage all network objects from a central point of administration. The Active Directory gives a network user access to allowed resources from any place on the network using a single logon process.
A system that is synchronized with BroncoNames and BroncoPasswords automatically for use with applications such as Exchange.
a user maintain open system that allows unprecedented control over site listings
This is WISE's repository of people information, containing login names, passwords and contact information, as well as optional data supplied by end users to describe their fields of interest.
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Computing Units- Computing "funds" that is allocated to each account every Friday morning. One hour of connection time is equal to one computing unit. One hour of server processing time is equal to three computing units.
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