Definitions for "Active Crossover"
An external crossover that is inserted between preamplifier and multiple power amps, thereby replacing the passive filter networks inside the loudspeaker. Usually, active crossovers allow adjustments to the filter frequencies and slopes for in-room performance tuning. Certain manufacturers like Naim Audio offer an upgrade path that proceeds from internal passive to external active crossovers.
A device built with components, such as operational amplifiers and transistors, that requires an external power supply.
A device that takes a full-range audio signal and splits it into 2, 3, 4, or even 5 different segments. A simple 2-way crossover provides an output for the lows and an output for the highs. Usually a control is given which allows the user to select what the crossover point will be. The outputs then feed separate amplifiers and speakers. This method provides better crossover linearity and power usage. see also passive crossover