Definitions for "activation"
the process of making active.
Of or pertaining to the process of inducing radioactivity by bombarding a nuclide with radiation.
A process by which an immune system cell is "switched on" to deal with an infection.
An instance of a block or variable created by the recursive invocation of a procedure or by multiple instances of a procedure in a multi-threaded application.
When all or a portion of the recovery plan has been put into motion.
The implementation of Business Continuity procedures, activities and plans in response to a Business Continuity Emergency, Incident, Event and/or Crisis (E/I/E/C) See: Invocation
stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical
Chemical. Treatment of a substance by heat, radiation, or other activating reagent to produce a more complete or rapid chemical or physical change. Electrical. The process of treating a cathode to increase its rate of reduction.
In mutagenicity testing, the exposure of the tested chemical to a source of enzymes, e.g., liver microsomes, which metabolize the chemical. The metabolic products may exhibit mutagenic activity where the original chemical did not.
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The act of taking an EAS label from an inactive state where it will not alarm an EAS system, and bringing it to an active state where it will alarm an EAS system.
The initiation of the EAS by transmission of the EAS codes
the process by which a cell phone account is created, your phone number assigned, and your phone programmed so that you can make and receive calls.
Activation allows for an existing telephone line to receive data (broadband) and voice telephone calls at the same time. Your phone line must be activated at your local telephone exchange for you to be able to receive broadband.
a complete kit for servicing such phones
a cutting-edge modality capable of linking us to our Wholeness in a way that, in my opinion based on personal experience, no other energetic modality can
a way of promoting such deep remembrance, a gradual deepening of our connection to true Reality and a way of, eventually, achieving total self-realization
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See NT bioactivation.
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The application of heat to a heatseal coating to render it fluid and thus tacky.
An activation, or activation profile, consists of an activation key and a set of attributes. When a client machine uses the activation key to register with the ZENworks Linux Management server, the attributes are applied to the client. The attributes include group membership, channel access, administrator assignments, and notification recipients.
the activity of causing to have energy and be active
a communication system that helps us to access the stagnant energy
a relatively recent form of energy medicine that is fast approaching mainstream status
Request for a Hyperbole button to perform its action. Ordinarily the user presses a key which selects and activates a button.
The way you cause something to start working or do something interactive on a web page. For example, clicking a link to go to another URL or clicking a button to submit a form.
Viruses that have damage routines will activate when certain conditions are met, for example, on a certain date or when a particular action is taken by the user. Viruses without damage routines don’t activate, instead causing damage by stealing storage space. (see Discovery)
Excitation of a neuron sufficient to generate a nerve impulse (action potential).
The time-varying value that is the output of a neuron.
An activation, also known as focus of control, shows the execution of an operation and the duration of time for that operation.
The execution of an action. Contrast: activation [OMA].
Approval by the grantee and U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Port Director for operations to begin, which allow the admission and handling of merchandise in zone status.
The act of placing a new customer onto a carrier's service.
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a misused term for the subject, since if your DNA would not be active, you would be dead
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The act of associating a type, servant and a user-supplied or generated Object Id in order to create an object. The servant may be left empty in order to create a new virtual object.
a life altering etheric operation
Starting the operation of a component. See also available, choose, select.
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making active and effective (as a bomb).
Stimulating the nervous system through encouraging the patient who has suffered a stroke to become mentally and physically active.
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Means of moving content from one -stage to the next stage. In a 2-stage setup, this is the same as making content public, as the second stage is the public stage.
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evaluation of a co-expression.
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The combined sum of a node's incoming, weighted signals.
A term expressing the behavior of a resource; active performing of a task.
Also Known As: connection; activate; provisioning Definition: The initial connection of a service to the network.