Definitions for "Acquirer"
A bankcard association member that initiates and maintains relationships with merchants that accept payment cards.
Financial institution (or its agent) which acquires from the card acceptor the data relating to the transaction and initiates that data into an interchange system.
In an electronic money system, the entity or entities (typically banks) that hold deposit accounts for merchants and to which transaction data are transmitted.
an organization, stakeholder or individual that acquires, procures or obtains a system, product or service from a supplier
The acquirer is the individual or organisation responsible for the acquisition of a system or product within the scope of a project.
An organization that acquires or procures a system, software product or software service from a supplier. (Note: The acquirer could be one of the following: buyer, customer, owner, user, purchaser.)
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An ATM Acquirer or POS Aquirer
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A firm or individual that is acquiring something.
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A person who acquires.