Definitions for "ACL"
Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the knee. A crosslike ligament attaching the femur to the tibia.
anterior cruciate ligament. the ligament, located in the center of the knee, that controls rotation and forward movement of the tibia (shin bone).
Anterior cruciate ligament. Intra-articular ligament of the knee, attaching on the anterior portion of the tibial plateau extending upwards and posteriorly to the medial aspect of the lateral femoral condyle. Very frequently injured during twisting type sports (e.g. Australian Rules football, soccer), or those that involve rapid deceleration (e.g. netball). Extrinsic trauma also has a large part to play in ACL injuries.
(Short for access control list) - A set of data that informs a computer's operating system which permissions, or access rights, that each user or group has to a specific system object, such as a directory or file. Each object has a unique security attribute that identifies which users have access to it, and the ACL is a list of each object and user access privileges such as read, write or execute.
Anomalous Cerebral Laterality. (1) From a structural perspective — an enlargement of portions of the right cerebral hemisphere and/or diminution of portions of the left cerebral hemisphere, such that standard hemispheric asymmetry ceases to exist and (2) from a functional perspective — a greater than normal participation of the right cerebral hemisphere in functions normally under the purview of the left cerebral hemisphere (notably language and motor control for handedness). Believed to be the result of an anomalously high level, in utero, of the hormone testosterone. See text, Chapter 4. See also, "anomalous," "brain," "cerebrum," "cortex," "corpus callosum," " Less Strongly Lateralized," "temporal lobe" and "testosterone."
Typically comprises of a list of principals, a list of resources , and a list of permissions.
Asynchronous Connectionless Link. A packet-switching data link between two Bluetooth devices.
Asynchronous Connectionless - Used for data transmission only.
An asynchronous packet-switched connection between two devices created on the LMP level.
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Allowable Cabin Load. The maximum payload weight that can be carried on an airplane on a specific route segment under a specific set of operation conditions.
See allowable cabin load.
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A 28 volt very narrow beam PAR lamp (used on aircraft) often adapted for use in PAR64 and PAR46 fixtures. ACLs are commonly wired with 4 lamps in series to bring the required voltage of the circuit close to 120 volts. ACL lamps are typically brighter, more intense, and have a higher color temperature than standard PAR lamps. They typically are more expensive and have a shorter lamp life. See Also: Automated Fixture
A PAR-64 with a very narrow beam pattern that operates at 28 volts.
anticardiolipin antibodies
see aircraft landing curtain
Acronym for AirCraft Landing Light. See Aero.
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Applied Color Label (bottles) MOP Mother of Pearl
colored lettering or design of a ceramic nature fused onto bottles.
Applied Colored Label, also called painted label.
Advanced Computing Laboratory
Analytical Cytometry Laboratory
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Allen Cognitive Level
Assistant Crew Leader
Assistant Chapter Leader, title used for the council member of a game chapter that helps lead the members of that game/community.
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Advanced CMOS Logic
Association for Computational Linguistic
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ACE Compression Library
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Americans' Changing Lives Data set
Application connectivity link.