Definitions for "Ack"
Acknowledge. A flag in the TCP header that indicates that a Segment was received correctly by the destination host. See also: SYN, RST
Short for Acknowledgment. ACK is a data link control character sent upon receipt of an error-free message. It is used to indicate that a message was received correctly.
The response from the recipient back to the sender that data was successfully received. TCP uses ACKs as part of its reliable transmission scheme. If an aCK is not received, data is retransmitted. See also NAK and retransmission
(v.) A sound or gesture of mild fear or disgust at something.
Ack is sometimes used as onomatopia for disgust, or as choking on something foul.
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from the ASCII mnemonic for 0000110] Acknowledge. Used to register one's presence or permission. Ping is an application that performs an ACK function.
A response from a server to a network request. Basically, the server is saying, "I'm here, and I saw your request!" This also refers to the 6th ASCII character....
Acknowledgement for a ping (a message from a computer based on submarine sonar technology, calling for your attention or a computer's). Speaking of chat room performance, ACK, ACK also means, "Enough already! I get your point!" when used in a chat room.
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AFAICS animation arity Aubjex
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expressing surprise, as in Holy Cow! or Yikes! (Dictionary definition - ack is short for acknowledged)
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Anti-Aircraft Artillery
America’s Career Kit. The U.S. Department of Labor’s predecessor to Career One-Stop.
Acknowlegement. A response from a BTAM-supported terminal.
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See: Acknowledgment