Definitions for "ACH Debit"
Keywords:  collector, debit, ouse, ftb, learing
utomated learing ouse (ACH) Debit ACH Debit means that an employer electronically directs the Department of Labor and Industry to have the state’s bank initiate the transfer of funds from the employer's bank. Employers may register to make tax payments via ACH Debit by contacting the Montana Department of Labor and Industry or by using WOW registration features. WOW allows you to press a button at the bottom of the Employer screen to begin the process of registering for ACH Debit by completing the ACH Debit form. The online form is in an electronic format known as PDF. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat reader to open the PDF form, WOW guides you to the Internet location where you can download the reader for free. Follow all instructions on the form You can also access the ACH Debit registration form by following instructions on the WOW Overview help file (from the Help menu), and from the Payment Method selection field on the Payment screen.
A transaction through the ACH network originated to remove funds from the receiver (withdrawal from account).
an electronic funds transfer from your bank account, initiated by the Tax Collector with your prior authorization for a specified amount