Definitions for "acetylcholine"
a neurotransmitter released by the transmitting dendron at autononmous synapses and at neuromuscular junctions. It is a quaternary amine with an obligatory negative counterion. The nominal formula for the hydroxide form is C7H17NO3. Structural formula (CH3)3N(+)CH2CH2.O.CO.CH3.OH(-).
a chemical agent that is released by nerve endings; its effects include cardiac inhibition (a slowing down), increase in blood vessel diameter, and other effects.
A chemical neurotransmitter that is released from the ends of certain types of nerve fibre when they are stimulated. It transmits a signal to an adjacent nerve or muscle cell by binding to receptors on the target cell surface.
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Excipient Paralysis
Facial Paralysis
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Hematology Paediatric
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Endocarditis Niacin
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Ginseng Overdose
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Flexion Postnatal
Epidemiological Perfusion
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Gastrointestinal Pernicious
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Fatigue Oxprenolol
Glycoproteins Perforation
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Hydrolysis Proteins
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