Definitions for "accruals"
see accrual basis accounting
A balance sheet item for expenses for which invoices have not been received at the end of an accounting period.... more on: Accruals
Liabilities which represent expenses that have been incurred but not yet paid. They represent continually recurring short-term liabilities such as wages and taxes.
Indicates if future accruals (new records) are expected. For example: no future accruals expected, accruals expected every 5 years, series still accruing. May apply to series
The fiscal recording of items pertaining to a current period which would not have appeared on the General Ledger until a future period in the normal course of payment or receipt of the items.
Securities sold cum entitlement are not registered in the name of the buyer on the date of closing of the transfer books, the entitlement to be transferred from the original seller to the unregistered buyer is termed an accrual on the original purchase.
Recurring continuous short-term liabilities. Examples of accruals are accrued wages and accrued interest.
Your Affiliate payables calculated on the basis of the payment plans you have chosen and the player activity relevant to those plans.
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