Definitions for "Access"
The means, place, or way by which a thing may be approached; passage way; as, the access is by a neck of land.
A means of approach, e.g., a road, street, or walk.
The opposite of egress - gaining entrance to a home, room, or other enclosure.
In dialysis, the point on the body where a needle or catheter is inserted. (See also arteriovenous fistula, graft, and vascular access.)
in dialysis, the point on the body where a needle is inserted and blood can be safely removed and returned to the body. It is usually in the forearm.
A means to get into the body. Accesses to the bloodstream for hemodialysis are fistulas, grafts, catheter, etc. Access to the peritoneal cavity for peritoneal dialysis is a catheter.
An array of available treatments, services and supports; consumers know how and where to obtain them; and there are no system barriers or obstacles to getting what they need, when they are needed.
The ability to approach and manoeuvre to achieve military aims within a designated environment.
(ANSI) To obtain the use of a resource.
Microsoft Access (usually abbreviated as MS Access) is an easy- to-use program for creating and maintaining databases. The Access database driver for online databases is often supported by webhosts using the NT hosting platform.
Refers to the database program "Microsoft Access", also called Jet Database.
The ability to view, inquire, edit information. Capacity to enter or approach Microsoft Access is a database management program Expanded/Alternate Definition(s) Clarity Console gives our customers simple, yet powerful access to update their website and to view & analyze corporate information from disperate sources.
A coming to, or near approach; admittance; admission; accessibility; as, to gain access to a prince.
Admission to sexual intercourse.
ACCESS courses are designed to give mature students evidence of recent study. They often lead to GCSEs and A levels and are run by colleges of further education. ACCESS to teaching would offer GCSE mathematics, English and science and appropriate A levels for ITT degree entry.
Terms and conditions of granting permission to use archives and collections in a repository; access may be restricted in some instances because of confidentiality, the fragile state of the documents or statutory requirements e.g. Public Records Acts.
The process by which the clients of archival institutions are able to make use of the records. In the context of the Archives Act 1983 the term refers in particular to the process by which records are either released for public use or exempted on the ground that they contain information unsuitable for release.
an application was blocked because it did not have access permission
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The data retrieval language used to produce reports with English-like sentences; also called RECALL, ENGLISH, INFO/ACCESS, etc. Not covered in this book.
To access data means to retrieve data.
The process of seeking, reading, or writing data on a storage unit.
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Access refers to site access for delivery vehicles and craneage, including on-site access to work faces. May also include scaffolding and platforms to facilitate access for erections to fixing position.
(1) (verb) to get use of something, or (2) (noun) refers to a particular level or security clearance of use of something (i.e., one's "access" to the mainframe).
To get information from something like a disk or an information service.
Accessibility to/at the origin property for removal vehicles, and staff. This is normally viewed and assessed by the pre-move surveyor to ascertain any difficulties involved with the move.
Basically, how accessible is the property? The room to park a vehicle, the distance from vehicle to front door, the availability of lifts, how many floors the building has, and so on, all have an influence on access.
Space at and around the property for removal vehicles, and whether lifts are available for apartments. This is usually assessed by the consultant to ascertain any difficulties the vehicle may encounter.
(1) Point at which entry is gained into a circuit or a network interconnection; may be switched or dedicated. (2) Ability to obtain data from a storage device or peripheral. (3) Type of connection between customer premises equipment (CPE) and an interexchange carrier’s network.
The link between customer and telecoms network. A variety of technologies are used including copper wires, fibre optics, mobile, microwave and satellite.
The physical layer connection from the customer's premises to the MultiNet network.
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Short for “access to services,” which is one of Work, Welfare and Familiesâ€(tm) main policy initiatives. We work with several partner organizations to make sure that low income families are able to access the benefits to which they are eligible from Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) local offices.
AIDS Center for Counseling and Educational Support Services
The ACTA and CITC Canadian Educational Standards System
As a proper noun, used generically to indicate the totality of Access to Higher Education activities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Access was a credit card introduced in 1972 in Great Britain by four major banks, Nat West, Midland, Lloyds Bank & The Royal Bank of Scotland as a rival to the established Barclaycard. It was also issued in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, by banks including Ulster Bank, a NatWest subsidiary, and Bank of Ireland, a public limited company unconnected to the founder banks. The card scheme was run from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, by the Joint Credit Card Company.
"Access" is episode 106 of The West Wing.
A state/federal program to share medically related disability costs using Medicaid (MA) funds in schools for certain services for eligible children.
Paratransit service operated by King County Metro. ADA Americans with Disabilities Act. ADAAG Americans with Disabilities Act Design Guidelines.
for disabled people means the right to full and equal participation in all areas of society including independent access to buildings, transport, information and employment. Negative attitudes and assumptions can also block access. Access is often used to refer only to the physical environment such as being able to get into buildings, transport, housing etc. See Social Model of Disability.
Access to library materials and services, on one dimension, is represented in the location of physical facilities. Because libraries are travelled-to outlets, marketing location theories can be applied successfully to library siting. (Wood and Koontz)
The accessibility for health care for a particular patient. Access may vary according to the policy holder’s location, or the type of health care services that are offered in that particular location.
The telephone number used when a subscriber dials into an Internet Service Provider or online service.
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The ease with which timber can be felled and extracted.
Entry to or communication with a particular object, such as as operating system, specific files, servers, or accounts.
In telephony, a way of entry into a circuit or a network (eg., obtaining a dial tone). (See equal access; line-side access; trunk-side access.)
Access (Axel Asher) is a fictional character owned by both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He made his first appearance in Marvel vs DC #1 (March 1996), a special crossover between the two companies. He was intended both as a way to explain the events of the story as well as a means to enable more such crossovers in the future.
An onset, attack, or fit of disease.
A paroxysm; a fit of passion; an outburst; as, an access of fury.
Refers to whether a program is available for disabled audiences. Captions make a program accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Descriptive narration makes a program accessible to blind and low-vision viewers.
The way in which a viewer becomes connected to the Internet. There are many forms of access, some of which are
No Paintless Dent Repair is possible without an open path to a dent. Problem areas include double panels, bracing, panel edges, etc.
Usually a removable panel in a conduit duct or channel.
That which enables a device, appliance or equipment to be reached by ready access or by a means that first requires the removal or movement of a panel, door, or similar obstruction (see also "Ready access (to)").
A product group within endoscopy comprising fluid management and insufflation devices for better surgical access.
Internet access refers to a paid-for service that allows your computer to connect to the Internet using an Internet service provider (ISP). Once connected to the Internet, you can use your computer to search Web sites and send and receive e-mail.
Means of making use of something, for example, a keyboard is used to access a computer.
or making a connection to the Internet. You would normally do this via an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Mesh, but you may also have access to the Internet through an office network.
ACCESS is the youth network of the New South Wales branch of The Australian Institute of International Affairs, Australia's preeminent non-government institution dealing with all aspects of Australia's foreign relations and international affairs.
The contracted right to use an electrical system to transfer electrical energy.
Also known as visitation, this is a term meaning the right to spend time with a child.
In family law, the parent who does not have primary responsibility for the children usually has access, which means the right to spend time with the children on a regular basis. In some cases, where there are concerns about that parent's behaviour, the access may be supervised by an official or by a family member or friend. In very rare cases, there may be no access, but only where the parent has demonstrated abusive or other behaviour that would place the children at risk.
To make direct or indirect contact with a programmed cult member through physical, electronic, or possibly spiritual means; may involve predetermined signals or programmed triggers.
Means how many days you can receive unlimited incoming calls
method by which a computer refers to records in a file. (Keenan, p.57)
The review of a record or a copy of a record or parts thereof in a system of records by an individual.
The use of records, papers and collections for the purpose of viewing and understanding their contents, as a way of furthering research, or for simple personal knowledge of facts.
Brand Name: TI Desktop Synth/Controller, Integrated synthesizers, more.+ Associated link: - Category: Theory
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refers to access to the transmission/distribution facilities that are usually owned or controlled by the current electric provider.
The technical capability to interface with a communications facility, such as a communications line or switch, so that a law enforcement agency can acquire and monitor communications and call-associated data carried on the facility.
Allowing mail users and licensed postal operators to use Royal Mail's facilities to carry their post for part of its journey. (More information about access.)
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access time actuator
The privilege to use information or data stored on computer systems.
The degree of privilege to a member of a class: public, private, or protected.
availability of food to a person, household, or region.
Degree to which appropriate treatment is available, timely, geographically feasible, culturally sensitive, and affordable.
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almost all the bingo halls have an "access packet" (between 3 and 6 cards for each regular game) that you must buy. The "access packet" is different according to the hall.
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The old name for MasterCard.
All students receive email, file and printing accounts upon completion of registration each semester. Publishing rights on the World Wide Web are granted to students passing the multiple-choice exam about the content of this document.
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To use a BBS, as in accessing the amount you can use it, or access level.
Programmes of study at Access levels 1, 2 and 3 are unit-based and do not involve national examinations. Particular groupings of units built up by learners at Access levels 2 and 3 lead to cluster awards, e.g. Business, Computing, Media Studies and Social Subjects.
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The place on the shore of a lake or river where you put in or take out.
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Access to policing through a named point of contact.
Increase by something added; addition; as, an access of territory. [In this sense accession is more generally used.]
The process of obtaining data from files or acquiring the use of a device. Access implies an input/output (I/O) operation and is used as a synonym for I/O.
To gain access, either through logging in to an account, saving to a file/folder, obtaining files/folders, etc.
Sometimes known as "Local Loop", access is the provision of connectivity between the subscriber telephone terminal and the local exchange.
The method of channel sharing or utilisation of a single frequency or time slot by several locations.
This technically no longer exists as a term since the Children Act came into force and has been replaced by the term Contact.
An attribute that determines whether or not a class member is accessible in an expression or declaration. It can be public, protected, or private.
Interaction between a user and an asset, or interaction between a process and an asset that results in the flow of information from one to the other.
Find. Access an item of information find in item of information.
To obtain an open channel of communication with a software or hardware component so that the user can work with it.
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Access Savings Account
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See Direct Access
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See MS Access.