Definitions for "Abbot "
The superior or head of an abbey.
One of a class of bishops whose sees were formerly abbeys.
(AB-bot). The overseer, head, overseer, or superior of a monastery.
Leon Abott is one of the main antagonists in Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony. He is a demon who was against the time-spell at the battle of Tailtte, and broke the circle of warlocks just as they were performing the spell. He and Qweffor, an apprentice warlock, were merged together by lava and magic, and was catapulted to the "near past" (possibly 2006).
Abbot is a small lunar impact crater that lies on the rugged ground between the Mare Fecunditatis in the south and west, and the Mare Crisium to the north. It is a circular crater with a cup-shaped interior. The inner walls slope downward to the mid-point, and no impacts of significant mark the interior or the rim.
Keywords:  junit, you'd, gui, launch, editor
Abbot is a framework for testing Java GUIs. It lets you launch an application or GUI component, play back user actions on it, and examine its state. Tests may be coded or scripted. The editor supports recording user actions into a script, exploring the component hierarchy, running the script, and other features you'd expect from a script editor. Test scripts are JUnit extensions.