Definitions for "YALE "
a beast so called was the sinister supporter of Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, natural son of Henry VIII. A yale argent bezanty, accorned, hoofed, gorged with a coronal and chained or. The late Mr.J. G. Nichols, in "Inventories of the Wardrobe, &c., of Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond" (in the Camden Miscellany, vol. iii.), says(at p. lxxxviii.), "I am not aware that this animal is elsewhere known either in natural or heraldic zoology .... It differs from the heraldic antelope in having horns like those of a ram, and a tail like a dog's." The term yale occurs in the College records. Yard-measure.
The yale (also "centicore", Latin "eale") is a mythical beast found in European mythology. Most descriptions make it an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with large horns that it can swivel in any direction.
a university in Connecticut
English philanthropist who made contributions to a college in Connecticut that was renamed in his honor (1649-1721)
Yale was a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia from the province's joining Confederation in 1871. It was a 3-member constituency and retained the name Yale until the 1894 election, at which time it was split into three ridings, Yale-East, Yale-North and Yale-West; other ridings in the southeast of the province had previously been split off, e.g., Fernie, Ymir, Grand Forks, which were later emerged or rearranged into the various Kootenay and Okanagan ridings. In 1903 the name Yale (by itself) was revived, this time as a one-member riding only, the new riding largely based upon Yale-West.
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Kirk Manufacturing Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Toledo, Ohio. Their automobile was marketed as the Yale.
YALE is a flexible Java environment for knowledge discovery in databases, machine learning, and data mining. Many nestable learning and preprocessing operators are provided.